Is there a hospital?

Yes there is a hospital on the Island and it is located in Dapa Municipality but for need of medical attention
or small emergencies such as requiring stitches, there’s a clinic in General Luna on the boardwalk close to the market. However, if you can wait, it’s probably best to go to the hospital in Dapa. For larger emergencies you may need to take a boat or plane to the mainland, boats can be chartered 24 hours a day. The hospital here is small and underfunded so they’re only equipped to handle basic problems.

For any general health concerns, sickness, or illnesses there is a good clinic called the J.D.C clinic in the city of Dapa, a half hour motorbike ride from G.L / Cloud 9. The clinic is run by Dr. Chloe Digal who is also the Chief of Hospital at Dapa Hospital.

There are pharmacies on the island to buy prescriptions but if you have any pre-existing health conditions that require medication you should definitely bring enough with you for your trip. Also, you can’t buy contact lenses or contact lens solution on the island, so make sure you bring enough for your trip.

Over-the-counter (OTC) medications such as pain-killers, flu-relievers, and such can be bought at most corner stores.

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